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When buying our clothes  in our showroom you receive constant support of our studio, at any time you can contact us for minor repairs of our product, no matter how long you  bought it from us.


In our showroom, we adjust the models to the figure.

For example, this is a shortening / lengthening of the model's sleeves, additional loops / buttons and other minor changes.



Our showroom also has a studio  with professional masters  and a designer of women's clothing with 25 years of experience. Here we accept orders for the full range of women's clothing for your models, or ours  models from the showroom, with changes. The order is possible both from our fabrics, and from fabrics of the customer.



It is possible to go with our consultant for materials for sewing to facilitate the task of choosing materials.


In the same way we make repairs of any complexity. We will save your favorite things and give them a new life!


Also in  workshop it is possible to order the development of design documentation based on the artist's sketches and the production of batches (from 10 to 30 units)

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