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NOVE is a brand of quality and comfortable Ukrainian-made clothing, founded in 2009.


The beginning of our story was a coat that you wanted to wear every day, and not wait for an occasion or a holiday. 


Subsequently, there was a request to make a complete image from NOVE items. This is how the first summer collection and costume group appeared. Later, a line of minimalist knitted suits appeared that would match the coat.
All collections are created to complement each other. 

Since 2018, our team has been traveling to Italy where we select and purchase fabrics and accessories for our collections. The choice of materials is an important component in the creation of our models. We


NOVE is the basis of the wardrobe, high-quality and durable.

We create minimalistic and beautiful things, we take Italian fabric, which we independently select and bring from Italy, Italian accessories and put them in the golden hands of our masters, so that you can enjoy our things for many years.
We do not chase trends, but want things to emphasize our customers and their lifestyle.


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