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Prices for individual tailoring *

* The cost includes: the work of a designer, the work of a tailor.

The cost of sewing the product also includes applied materials and accessories from our range.
The price does not include the cost of accessories, if it is ordered separately.

Tailoring a coat with insulation.

From 4000uah

Tailoring coats without insulation.

From 4000 uah

Tailoring of a trench coat.

From 2500 uah

Tailoring a jacket with a lining. 

From 2300 uah

Tailoring a jacket without a lining.

From 1800 uah

Sewing a vest.

From 1000 uah

Tailoring dresses of different cuts (except evening).

From 1300 uah

Tailoring blouses (silk, chiffon).

From 1200 uah

Sewing shirts.

From 900 uah

Tailoring of a skirt like "pencil".

From 800 uah

Sewing classic pants.

From 1100 uah

Sewing T-shirts.

From 400 uah

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